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Arabic text bug crashes iPhones fixed!!

I’m writing this blog to tell everyone searching on the internet how to fix the uni death code bug whatever it is I struggled all night trying to figure out what kind of person really came up with this and in my struggles found no real answer in his to fix it !! Look telling Siri to send a text didn’t work for me having the person who sent me the text re send me a different text didn’t work either yes I could text through voice or in my notifications box but it’s not convenient in fact this is all an inconvenience so here it is the final answer while ur waiting for Apple to come out with an update you can simply yes inconveniently settle this by doing these next few steps

The first thing I did was save all my wanted photos to my email by sending those photos to myself be sure if you have photos u want to keep you do this before anything **** back up ur phone iCloud gmail etc

so go into your settings click general scroll down to reset yes reset

Hit reset, click option two erase all settings and content just do it it’s ok

Type in your password and delete or reset ur phone when it comes back on you must choose option to start as a new iPhone or however it’s worded don’t click on the automatic back up option or sign in with your email don’t do this yet trust me you can get it back later

as soon as your phone turns on default you won’t have anything no apps no contacts no photos that’s ok for now do your self a favor click on your messages and send an I love you baby to your girlfriends phone number she’ll appreciate it

you have now discovered you can send text messages that’s great !! Now go to your settings and sign ur phone back in to your email or gmail account if your contacts were backed up they will all come back all of your emails will come back I noticed my photos were gone but luckily I sent the ones I wanted first tony personal gmail account I reduced them to my album and started over this worked for me and others I talked to hope it helps save the iPhone universe